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Webhook is the service developed to transmit events to other applications in the form of JSON messages using the HTTP protocol so that different applications can integrate with each other.

Subscreasy subscription system, with the webhook support it offers, allows you to transfer events that are related to your customers and subscriptions to your own systems. (What's Webhooks? What's Integration Spells?)

To create webhooks

Click from sidebar menu to Notifications | Webhooks and +Create new Webhooks for create new webhook as below image.

Enter server address field to that you want make a Post request to your server addresss. Enter your Authorization key in the authentication section and select the developments you want to be notified as follows.

You can see the notification URL addresses in the webhook details section.

What happen the webhooks cannot reach the client server?

If the webhooks cannot reach the client server, the retry process starts. The process is attempted a maximum of 12 times.

  • 2nd repetition: Performed 2 minutes after the 1st attempt.
  • 3rd repetition: Performed 4 minutes after 2nd try.
  • 4th repetition: Performed 8 minutes after the 3rd attempt.
  • 5th repetition: Performed 16 minutes after the 4th attempt.
  • 6th repetition: Performed 32 minutes after the 5th attempt.
  • 7th repetition: Performed 1 hour after the 6th attempt.
  • 8th repetition: Performed 2 hours after the 7th attempt.
  • 9th repetition: Performed 4 hours after the 8th attempt.
  • 10th repetition: Performed 8 hours after the 9th attempt.
  • 11th repetition: Performed 16 hours after the 10th attempt.
  • 12th iteration: Performed 32 hours after the 11th attempt.