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Payment Form

Subscreasy offers payment forms that allow you to sell your offers.

Subscreasy payment forms are automatically generated by the system when you create a new bid. In the following image, on the offer detail screen, you see a link to the related offer's payment form.

In this payment form, language support and responsive design features are available. The form has virtual pos integrations. Payment requests are made through the virtual pos that you specify in your Company Settings. Thus, you can avoid the costs of virtual pos integration.

You can update the company name and company logo from the Company Settings page. Subscreasy payment form is designed to save you development costs.

I decided to use the subscreasy payment form. But how?
  • You can direct your customer to the Subscreasy payment form by linking your Subscreasy payment form to your website.
  • You can view the Subscreasy payment form in the IFRAME.
  • You can view the Subscreasy payment form in WebView by embedding it in your mobile app.