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Service Description

Service definitions allow us to express service groups. For quota services and bundle subscriptions, Service definitions are required. There is no need to specify Service in the box subscription model.

Service definitions can be made via subscrEASY console.

There are 3 different service types:

  • On/Off: On / Off services are services that are not connected to the amount / quota. "7/24 customer support" or the right to use the premium features of a SaaS software can be expressed in this type of service.
  • Seat Based: If you are selling based on the number of users, you should use this type of service. In this type of service, the usage amount is not reset at the end of the period.

    If you are providing disk space on your cloud-based service, you should define this benefit as "Seat Based". Because, the amount used should be transferred to the next period at the end of the period. The quantity used must not be reset.

  • Usage Based: In this type of service, the amount of usage is reset at the end of the period. Monthly 60 minutes voice call, 1000 SMS monthly, 1000 API call can be modeled with this service type.